Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Steve "The Emcee" Hug: The end of an era

Saturday's Savoy Brown concert marked the end of the Steve Hug era at the Narrows. Steve informed me in late November that he was retiring from his volunteer position at the Narrows. I was surprised and disappointed but totally understand that nothing lasts forever. Steve has been an integral part of the Narrows since our humble beginnings.

I first met Steve at the old Narrows aka The Renaissance Gallery in 1997. We had started an open mic and Steve would come down to play some tunes. We became fast friends. We both shared a passion for music and politics. We then went on to work on some campaigns together and had a total blast ripping those who crossed our path. When we moved to our new and present home on Anawan St., Steve was the one of the first  people to step up and help the cause. In the early years, many of the shows were done by just Steve, my wife Maggie and myself. Steve was there early and late. We loaded out alot of bands and had a great time conversing and hanging out These were lean times for the Narrows but Steve was believer and dedicated to the cause.

As things progressed, more people came into the picture and Steve became our resident emcee. His vast knowledge of music and his FM DJ voice made for the perfect fit. In 2005, he started his Backstage at the Narrows blog. At that time, nobody really knew what a blog was . Steve was pioneer in the blogging movement. To date he has posted over 1,300 entries. A few years later, Steve brought his significant other, Laura McNamara to the cause. Laura always brought a smile and her warm personality to the Narrows.

Things change, time moves forward and nothing lasts forever but Steve Hug made a lasting and positive imprint on Narrows lore.

Thanks Man


  1. Steve has done a great job and will be missed.
    He took some good pictures over the years too.

  2. good luck steve- i always enjoyed seeing you and was always amazed by your calm disposition and subtle, but brilliant insight- bob k

  3. I ... er .... ... have to let you all know that I will no longer be repairing the toilets at the Narrows. Times change. I've changed and the hike down from New Hampshire is killing me.... but seriously ... it was good to know you Steve. It was a great day you brought your radio voice to ncfta. Thank God you and I could talk about music because I have so little patience for politics.

  4. Steve, thank you so much for introducing me to the Narrows. I'll be seeing you around, maybe even at a show-

  5. Thanks Patrick and everybody. Very kind of you.