Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finding my voice in the era of new technology

On some level, I have been leading a cave man existence. No cell phone, general disregard for the new social network scene, new to I tunes. While I will continue cell phoneless, I thought a blog talking about music and some of the fun stuff that happens at the Narrows would be a good way to slide into the new era

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be associated with the Narrows. This gig is a dream job for me as I have always been a music geek to the highest power. I have had the opportunity to interact, hang and become friends with some of my musical heroes. It has also given me an insiders look at what it takes to be  a professional musician. Being on the road ain't easy, long hours in the van, the money isn't always great and sometimes the crowds are small. 95% of the musicians I have worked with, do it for the love of music and the sheer joy of playing it for people. On our level, it really is one of the purest forms of art.

One of the more satisfying elements of my job is to see the growth of a young band. For about 4 years and close to a dozen shows, I have seen the Eilen Jewell Band go from a promising young folky act with a very shy but lovely singer, morph into the a powerhouse americana act that is equally aplomb at 60's British rock tunes to their own striking originals. Eilen in particular has grown into a cross between Loretta Lynn and Lucinda Williams while developing her own unique style.

The band is absolutely killer, Jerry Miller on guitar, producing blistering riffs, David Lynch soundscapes and whatever else a song needs to make it great, Johnny Sciascia on bass, keeping it groovy but dark when required, Jason Beek on Drums, keeps the train running one time with a great feel and superb dynamics.

I love these guys. They just played to their first full house at the Narrows, many more to follow I am sure. They have a new record coming out in the spring. (I heard a few cuts and it is going to be great). If you haven't heard these guys yet, check em out today.

Also, if you dig Eilen, check out Zoe Muth, somewhat similar style. she will be making her Narrows debut on June 25. Be the first to know Zoe




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